I LOVE MY BESTFRIEND! (grace -mimihkoh )

ONE OF A KIND!!! (bestfriends)

——♥–> I have lots of freinds friends but only one is the One u can called Best friends!

and that is my bestie Grace!!! Grace is one of a kind that always happy almost everytime,

but when someone change her mood (like PE,KSP) i dont know what to do Coz, i

CAN’T controll her!!! I try to make the situation better, and sometimes it success and some-

times i didnt! I know are bestfriends theme song can make her feel better!!! (when sometimes

shes not in her mood!)…..Grace is also a shoulder not a shoulder that u think….. It means

like if im sad she makes me feel glad and when i have problems she can be my shoulder!!!

And sometimes i get angry to her coz im kinda crazy jealous person!! ( Crazyness -.-” )

I like having a great bestfriend like her!!!….But this is the worst thing because she easily

get mad at me when i spelled her name like This —> Garce! (but the truth is that it is only

acdnt…typing!) But I love her Very much!! (interaction) —->lol 😉



♥ IT

♥ IT

——♥–> Second part… bestfriends have a time called bonding!!! even its vacation

We can play together in many ways like playing computer games!!! And chating in

Fb!! (Lol) 😉 ! We have similarities tooooooo……THIS IS HOW WE LOVE DOGS!!!!

We are a dog lovers!!!! Garce Grace have many toy poodle at home!!! And me i

have a little dog at home too ( Snowie )….Lol!!


TOY POODLE – owned by grace

owned by Grace

owned by Grace

Sorry but i dont have a picture of my puppy!!! (BUT SOON IT WILL)

but for some reason here is my online pet ( Lol )  😉 ( its migsz ) 😉


This is our theme song 😉

Thats what friends are for

😉 _________________END_________________ 😉


~ by Keyie on April 2, 2011.

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